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Colleen Mac Dougall Ph.D.

Restoring our World Soul

How can we make global sense of what is moving in our world

and breathe with it so that the pain of Its disturbance

serves to open us to a deeper and a more expansive Way of

Seeing and Living what is amidst us?

– from Restoring our World Soul

Perhaps we are being asked now not to surrender our world views

so much as to mature them so that a greater Cause can move

through – even where lines are drawn, where distortions demand containment,

where differences are held.

– from Restoring our World Soul

Chapter Excerpt

A Very Personal Leadership: Re-membering What we Know

Leadership has evolved beyond our external constructions

of role and responsibility.

The Call now is to keep what is personally meaningful adaptive to

and convergent with how Life addresses us – through our relationships,

our work systems, and through global disturbances that require

we take our place in them.

Chapter Excerpt

Published Summer 2013

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