Leadership for Life Institute - A Shift in Leadership

Colleen Mac Dougall Ph.D.
A Shift…

Leadership has evolved beyond our external constructions of role and responsibility.

Our work as agents of global change is to stay open to situations and contexts that demand we change and respond affirmatively to what is addressing us.

Leadership for Life suggests:

  • that the evolution we seek will not be mastered by us alone, rather will be realized as we allow Life to shape us;
  • that our beliefs about the Nature of Life (good/evil; legally and biologically defined/sacredly endowed; religiously, culturally sanctioned/relationally revealed) have critical influence on how we lead our lives and orient to global dilemmas that require our joint efforts;
  • that stages of personal development and periods of cultural and national history exist within a context of time; they are part of a much deeper and more expansive storyline.
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