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Colleen Mac Dougall Ph.D.
Present Focus of My Work

My travels to other lands, in particular the land of T.S. Eliot, the African people, and the Holy Land, have had an enormous impact on my worldview. Opening to what is beyond the small context I was born into, listening to how context has shaped and continues to shape others’ orientations to Life, my sense of what it will take for us to be moved beyond fear and to allow new "currencies" to emerge, appreciates. I understand, with new sight and heightened sense, what is being asked of me and of our generation to move our global story forward — even to begin talking about what that story is.

To take my place in these global purposes – to replace chatter and polarity with insights/conversations/actions of deep significance, to make room for new world currencies to root, lead me to invest in the following:

  1. Authoring two books: "Restoring our World Soul," and "A Very Personal Leadership." Respectively, these books speak to: global movements that will expand our worldview and enable us to make sense of, and work with, what is disturbing our days; and, inner personal movements that can prepare us to take up our place in co-creating this more expanded world.
  2. Responding to the invitation to be an integral part of the Tashinga Women Trust, an empowerment initiative formed by Lorraine Muwuya of Zimbabwe. She and a collective of local women are coalescing around the mission: to provide a platform where a sense of pride and ownership is instilled in women as they heal, champion, and support one another. I offer them my care, and my skills in writing and in counseling. They teach me humility and perseverance ("Tashinga" is the Shona word for perseverance).
  3. Teaching and helping prepare graduate students in psychology and pastoral care for global outreach, learning with them as we all expand what we understand and feel led to contribute to;
  4. Expanding on preliminary field research in Israel and Palestine, creating partnerships with universities and engaging in fieldwork with NGO’s, to identify the core of what is being fought for, and, using a psycho-spiritual and developmental lens, support grassroots efforts that are already invested in creating new understandings and trusts between two historic peoples and nations.
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