Leadership For Life Institute - Purpose

Colleen Mac Dougall Ph.D.
Purpose of the Institute

To deepen and to expand our sense of what is moving through our global disturbance

. . . so we can be moved beyond the chatter and the polarities of fear

. . . and mature in a world view that will allow new "currencies" to emerge.

Working Beliefs

We are created with inalienable Rights to the liberty, dignity, meaning, and realization of potential that Life bestows. Each person, every culture, all nations bring value to, and have responsibility in, creating conditions wherein these Rights can be realized.

People, cultures, nations, and faiths expand their influence when they open, versus close, to the contexts that agitate them. The particular ways we understand and take up our responsibilities in restoring Life’s inalienable Rights is consistent with our worldview on the Nature of those Rights—including how they can create a world that works for everyone. Seeing each other as members of the same soul body can transform fear into collective will.

Growth and evolution is our natural and healthy state; sickness, distress, and violation arise from stagnant and distorted ways of perceiving and trying to make Life what we need it to be.

We Live within a Holy Intent that we have Natural and global cause in. Our world will evolve as we discern and take our place in what that cause demands.

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