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Colleen Mac Dougall Ph.D.

Deepening Public Discourse

A great deal of "noise" is passing as intelligent discourse. Freedom to voice and to explore our views on the state of our world is part of how we come to greater understandings. But my observation is we are expressing our views without letting the views of others touch or reshape our own. Why are we doing this? This “defense” is intensifying the very stalemates we fight to push through.

We circle around the issues of the day; we tear them apart. We do want to get to the heart and truth of the matter. But we are often left without a sense of what the deeper question was that could have moved us to a greater sense of what is true.

Catalyzing and articulating what these generative questions might be, coming at them in ways that demand new sight, that may be uncomfortable and yet hopeful, is a role I take. This expanding of our worldviews, of what, in truth, may lie beyond our assumptions and notions, is where a new reality can begin to form.


Generative buzz lines . . .

  • What is the greater storyline we are Living in?
  • How do we move beyond our chatter of fear?
  • Could there be a healthy reason why our recession is not abating?
  • Are we ready to overhaul our national psyches?
  • Will we value the new "currencies" critical to true democracy?
  • What is the change America still believes in and is reaching for?
  • What kind of President can move us toward a more stable and just world?
  • What is the new “powerlessness” on the world stage?
  • How can we support sovereignty in a world that is not just about any one nation?
  • Pick any issue that we forever debate: political gridlock; identity politics; disarming terror; building relationships with our First Nations people; upholding the inalienable Rights of Life as we lay down our weapons; moving when there is no movement in our economy, and so on…

Speaking Engagements

If you are a spiritually-minded group, a unique worksite, a social change initiative, a journalist who writes from the edge, a creative think-tank that thrives on getting out front on what matters address us as a race and a world, make a connection with me. I can suggest a probing topic, or work with a dilemma or social interest you are working to move forward. I use real-time examples to get us started; I always find the positive view on what concerns us. We can prepare a half-day, evening, weekend, week-long time together to meet the goals we mutually agree upon.

Costs will be commensurate with your means, my abilities, and the bigger causes that we are gathering together to support. We can be creative here!

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